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“If you work just for money, you'll never make it, but if you love what you're doing and you always put the customers first, success will be yours”

Home maintenance

Home improvements

We have exclusive service for all your odd-jobs of home maintenance. We do all repairs or improvements irrespective of the size.

Hire truck with driver

Custom built sheds

We have a skilled and experienced staff of drivers and we have a wide range of trucks from pantechs to prime movers.



We can ever beautify your garden with the highest quality fences to ensure that will protect against unauthorized intrusion.

Rubbish Removal


Through our cleanup process we dispose of all materials in accord with safety and health regulations to look after the environment.

Welcome to Father & Daughter Handyman Service

Father & Daughter Handyman Service is reliable and quick to attend to all your handyman jobs for home, office or business. We come up with an efficient, cost effective and professional service to assure great quality at best price. You will be attended on time by an experienced, friendly handyman who will be always prompt to undertake any task regardless of the size of your project. We provide general handyman services including maintenance and repairs to all residential as well as commercial clients.

We are the ultimate solution to almost every job around your home/office. There is no limit to the professional services we undertake. From home & commercial Maintenance, Landscaping/Gardening, Fencing, Roof restoration, Painting, Demolition, Rubbish removal, General house and commercial cleaning, clean gutters, Kennel maintenance up to Fix/repairs- we have got you covered.

We cater for customers who are in need of someone for a short period of time to help with those fix-up-tasks that never seem to get fixed. Unlike specialized tradesmen who aren't interested in small jobs and will charge you a large amount for simple tasks, Father & Daughter Handyman Service works just in the opposite way.

We're so confident in the level of our service that we ensure for a great quality each time. We are customer enthusiast so prioritise your peace of mind as well as your full satisfaction. With us you will be assured as any of your jobs whether small or big will be completed quickly and hassle free!

Our Services

  • Home maintenance
  • Commercial maintenance
  • Kennels maintenance
  • Gardening/Landscaping
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Hire truck with driver
  • Fix / Repairs
  • Welding, Painting & Fencing
  • House cleaning & other services we do